12 Days of Christmas Books-Day 1: Plum Pudding Bride by Anne Garboczi Evans


Christmas Book Tour

The 12 Days of Christmas Book Tour is our special way of spreading the holiday cheer in the language we speak best: books! From December 1st to December 12th, we’ll be featuring some of our favorite Christmas books, novellas, and short stories!

But you’ll get more than just reviews! Every review will be accompanied by something special; whether that be a mini 24 hour giveaway, a song or movie recommendation, or whatever the reviewing team comes up with that fits the Book of the Day! We’ll also have a topic to start a Christmas conversation! 

Day 1!

What better way to kick off the Christmas Book Tour than with an exciting, Western Christmas novella and a recipe to go with it?! In today’s featured book, Plum Pudding Bride, we’re whisked away to a small town set in the old west during Christmas time and discover that food, along with a conniving little sister, can be the perfect way to a woman’s heart! So enjoy our review of this novella and a recipe to make your own Plum Pudding!

The Synopsis:

Patience Callahan is twenty-five and fast becoming an old maid. But she’s spent most of her life dreaming over romantic European literature and wants a dashing d’Artagnan, not a bookish Bob Cratchit. Alas, the Colorado town of Gilman is chock-full of Cratchit’s without a d’Artagnan in sight. Peter Foote, the general store owner, has been in love with Patience for seven years. But every time he’s on the verge of proposing, she cuts him off; he can only imagine on purpose. This time though, dadburn it, he’s going to go through with it. Ring in hand, he’s moments from touching knee to floor, when Patience pulls out a list of mail-order bride advertisements and declares her intention to marry a backwoods stranger, on Christmas Day. Peter has two weeks to change her mind.

I received this book from the author for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.


Plum Pudding BrideSneaky, charming, funny, and adventurous, Plum Pudding Bride is the perfect way to start off your December! The romance of Patience and Peter will ease you into the holiday spirit with its light Christmas theme, but will plunge you into action!

I loved all of the characters, but especially Patience’s little sister. She just made the book so worth reading with her exciting ideas, flirty nature, and sneaky personality. Peter is also a loveable character with his undying loyalty and development from shy and quiet, to brave and fearless.

The story progresses pretty quickly because it is a novella, however it is packed with some thrilling and suspenseful scenes. It is a clean story, with no cursing and no gore. There are a few instances in which a distasteful man makes sexual advances on a young woman during a high-stakes, fight scene, however the specifics are not mentioned and are without detail.

Overall, if you’re looking for a short’n’sweet western Christmas tale, Plum Pudding Bride is one I recommend! I give it 4 out of 5 stars!

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4 stars

Plum Pudding Recipe

Plum Pudding is, surprisingly, not a dish that was ever made in my family. In fact, I’d never heard of this popular Christmas tradition until recently so I was anxious to try it! Below is a link to the highest rated Plum Pudding recipe featured in the Taste of Home magazine.


Is plum pudding a staple in your family’s holiday traditions? Is there anything you do differently to make yours EXTRA delicious?!


What dessert makes Christmas complete in your family?

Tell us about it in the comments!

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