When it Will Rayne,it Will Pour by S.C.McCormack

The Synopsis:

Rayne Slater, bounty hunter/private investigator for hire has had her fair share of trouble, but when three Shifters barge into her office after hours demanding her cooperation on retrieving a Lion-Shifter by the name of Reese Donovan, she is thrown back into a world she had vowed to never return to. Immediately, past ghosts awaken to plaque her dreams, while a secret about herself, is in peril of being revealed. With everything on the line, she knows she might not make it out alive, but she isn’t going to go out without a fight.

I received this book from the author for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.


When it Will Rayne, It Will Pour

Rayne is a strong, independent girl, but her biggest secret could easily cause her weaknesses to rise if she makes one false move. And her dependance on a man might not be as buried as she thinks it is.

When it Will Rayne, it Will Pour is a high paced, thrilling, action-packed adventure brimmed with danger, torture, humor, spunk, and romance. The storyline alone is enough to keep the reader flipping pages, but when you throw in the characters and their different and unique personalities, the book is impossible to put down!

The entire book takes place over the course of a week, which may seem like it is dragged out, but in fact, I think the timeline was perfect. It’s broken up with Rayne’s memories of the past which adds that much more information to her and what’s happening in “current day”, so we can have a break in the action without it feeling forced.

I do have several reasons for giving this Paranormal only 2 stars though. The first is the sexual content. There are no actual sex scenes present, however there are many, many thoughts, comments, and scenarios that escalate into detailed “foreplay” before the scenes cut off. As the book neared the end, these scenes became more and more common and eventually the action that I was loving for the first 50% of the novel was suddenly replaced by sexual tension between the main characters and I rolled my eyes as this book turned into the cliché Paranormal Romance genre, complete with an “almost” love triangle. I had really hoped to have a paranormal thriller with a side-plot of romance, but oh well.

The second reason for me giving it only 2 stars is that towards the end of the book, the cursing suddenly spiked (it was almost non-existent throughout the whole book) and there were suddenly more and more typos and grammar issues that caused the reading flow to get really choppy. The action can be very gory at times and it does have dark themes, the primary one being the past, semi-detailed, sexual abuse of one of the characters.

So my overall opinion of When it Will Rayne, it Will Pour is that the characters were amazing, as was the incredible, unpredictable storyline. However, because of the overwhelming sexual content that I had no interest in, I’m afraid that I cannot recommend this book. It’s final rating is 2 out of 5 stars.

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