Gentleman of Her Dreams by Jen Turano

The Synopsis:

51RtWl7+MLLWhen Miss Charlotte Wilson asks God for a husband, she decides He must want her to pursue Mr. Hamilton Beckett, the catch of the season. The only problem? She’s never actually met Hamilton. Fortunately, one of her oldest and dearest friends, Mr. Henry St. James–who has returned to New York after a two-year absence–does know Hamilton. Much to Henry’s chagrin, Charlotte immediately ropes him into helping her meet Hamilton. However, none of her plans to catch Hamilton’s eye go as she expected, and she is even more confused when her old feelings for Henry begin to resurrect themselves. In the midst of the mayhem Charlotte always seems to cause, she wonders if the gentleman of her dreams might be an entirely different man than she thought.

This novella is a companion to A Change of Fortune, Jen Turano’s full-length debut novel, available fall 2012!


Even though this little novella only had 5 chapters and took me roughly 45 minutes to read, I LOVED IT!

It’s so very funny, and though it was totally predictable, the characters, Charlotte and Henry go on many adventures and made for an entertaining “episode ” of Jen’s Ladies of Distinction series!

It’s a great set up to the series, as it mentions most of the girls in the other books, but one can enjoy the novella by itself (though the rest of the series is highly recommended!).

Sure to get you laughing out loud, I encourage you to download your *always* FREE kindle e-book today! Especially if you’ve been wanting to try Jen’s writing style! Catch the download link below.

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