Interview with Author Faye Hall!

Today I have the privilege of interviewing Historical Romance author, Faye Hall! Passionate about writing books set in Australia during the late 1800s, Faye loves intertwining romance in the land Down Under with mystery and historical value.

To start off,

Ms Faye, when did you first decide that you wanted to be a writer?

I always wrote as a child, mainly poetry and short stories. When I was in my last year of high school, my English teacher laughed when I said I wanted to be an author. He said I would never be good enough. I spent the rest of that year completing my senior exams and writing my first full length novel, determined to prove him wrong.

Wow! Well with 10 published novels, I’d say that you’ve done a fine job of that!

Do you have a favorite author who impacted or inspired your own writing?

Though I write romance, the book that inspired me the most was actually To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I liked the intrigue in the story and the conflict. I also drew a lot of inspiration from Agatha Christie because to me her books were always a little bit romance and a lot of mystery.

Ah, To Kill a Mockingbird, a book that has been on my TBR list for a few years. I’ve heard many good things about it! Agatha Christie is a favorite of mine as well!

Your website says that you like to bring “something symbolically Australian” to your readers, which of your books do you think accomplishes this best?

Probably Heart of Stone because the story deals with Irish slaves and the blackbirding slave trade that partook in most of Queensland. For those who don’t know, blackbirding was when Kanakas (or native persons from Fiji) and other surrounding islands, were forcibly brought to Australia to work on the sugar cane fields.

How very interesting! I had never heard of that, but that’s so fascinating how you brought it into your book for your readers to learn about.

Again referring to your website, how do you find the “hidden histories” for your novels?

A lot of them actually come from my own family’s history. My family were Irish, German and Scottish immigrants who moved to North Queensland during the 1800s. The part of the country they moved to is not an area usually told about in the history books, so I have to rely a lot on local peoples stories of the history of the local area to go into my books.

Local history is a favorite topic of mine, I love discovering what happened so many years ago in the place I live, so I’m sure that uncovering those treasures is a highlight to your novel writing!

Here’s a bit of a theoretical question, if your next novel were to be set somewhere other than Australia, what would be your setting of choice?

See that’s hard because I love setting books in my home country. I guess if I had to choose another place though, it would probably be a remote part of Wales.

An excellent choice!

I’ve heard of authors accidentally basing their characters off of people they’ve encountered in their life, but you do so intentionally. What causes a person to stand out to you in order to gain a character in one of your novels?

I love interesting people, you know, the ones that you hear about sitting at a bar somewhere telling stories about their youth. Though I tend not to frequent bars, I do live in a small town and have encountered the most intriguing people-even on a simple shopping trip. I also base characters on the stories I grew up hearing of my great-grandparents and grandparents, so a lot of that goes into the books as well.

That’s so neat! Basing your characters on real-life people, I’m sure, helps bring your characters to life to your readers, and keeps those stories alive with you. I may have to try the same tactic in my own writing!

To focus more on you, what is your favorite pastime, aside from writing?

I love gardening with my husband – flowers or vegetables. I also love cooking and with 5 kids still at home, I get plenty of practice at it.

Gardening is so peaceful and has an result that is so worth the work! Coming from a big family myself, I have no doubt that you have plenty of kitchen time so that’s great that you enjoy it!

From your experienced opinion, where would you recommend a first-time tourist to Australia to visit first?

I know most people automatically think the cities, but I’m a country girl at heart so that would be my choice. First stop would be Bowen – a small town full of friendly people, historic hotels and beautiful beaches.

*scribbles onto my Places-To-Go list* The country is always enjoyable to visit!

Last question, I believe every author has a personal favorite of their own works, is this true for you? Which of your books and why is it the one you consider your “masterpiece”?

My favourite would have to be Amorous Redemption for no other reason but the heroine is based on my great-grandmother, and the station – Inkerman Downs Station – spoken about in the book actually belonged to my great-grandmother’s family.

Those are great reasons for Armorous Redemption to be your favorite!

Thank you so much for stopping by Literature Approved today and telling us about yourself and your novels! We enjoyed the peek into your writing life!


You can find links to Faye’s novels on her website at*!


*Disclaimer: These books are erotic romance and Literature Approved has NOT provided reviews for any of Faye Hall’s novels.