NIV Teen Study Bible published by Zondervan

I received this Bible for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.

Special Features:

*We Believe- Unpacks the Apostles’ Creed to reveal the Biblical foundation of faith.

*Panorama- Keeps the big picture of each book of the Bible in view

*4 full-colored pages- Presentation page and information about the Apostles’ Creed

* Key Indexes- Help with in-depth Bible study

*To the Point- Reveals what the Bible says about pressing issues

*Dear Jordan- Offers biblical advice for teens

*Instant Access- Tell what God says to you personally

*Q&A- Tests you knowledge of Bible trivia

*Bible Promises- Highlights Bible verses worth remembering

*Book Introductions- Provides an overview for each book of the Bible

*8 page, full-colored map selection

*Complete text of the New Living Translation (NIV) of the Bible


This new teen study Bible from Zondervan is perfect for both teen boys and girls, who are looking to study God’s Word on a more intimate and knowledgable level.

There a few sections that focus mainly on girls or mainly on boys. These are the Dear Jordan pages and they deal with real teen problems such as cutting, porn, clothes to wear, cussing, etc. and help teens find verses to go along with the subject they are studying.

The “overview” of each book of the Bible is helpful and interesting to read as well. It includes 5 or so facts about the said book as well as about when it was written and who probably (if unsure) wrote it. The Questions and Answers are also fun.

A check list can be found in the very back of the Bible that encourages the reader to go through the entire Bible, and helps keep track of where you are. The colors are neutral, not boring and not crazy colors and pictures, and the Bible is hardback, making it appealing to either gender of teen.

The only thing that wasn’t up to par with me was that it is NIV; I personally prefer the ESV or most of the time KJV, but that’s a personal opinion.

Overall, this particular teen study Bible from Zondervan earns 4 out of 5 stars and I recommend it to any teen who has been looking for a study Bible.


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Rated: * * * *



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